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'Holy Place' in the Bible

An inner room, called the Most Holy Place, was built in the rear of the Temple. It was thirty feet long and was partitioned off by cedar boards reaching from the floor to the ceiling.

The room in front of the Most Holy Place was sixty feet long.

The whole interior of the Temple was covered with gold, as well as the altar in the Most Holy Place.

Two cherubim made of olive wood were placed in the Most Holy Place. Each one was fifteen feet tall.

They were placed side by side in the Most Holy Place. Their outstretched wings touched each other in the middle of the room, and the other two wings touched the walls.

A double door made of olive wood was hung at the entrance of the Most Holy Place. There was a pointed arch on top of the doorway.

dishes, snuffers, bowls, saucers, incense burners of pure gold, the gold sockets for the doors of the inner room (the Most Holy Place), and the doors of the temple.

Then the priests carried the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple and put it in the Most Holy Place, beneath the cherubim (angel).

The ends of the poles could be seen by anyone standing directly in front of the Most Holy Place, but from nowhere else.

On that day the king designated the courtyard in front of Jehovah's Temple as a holy place. He sacrificed the burnt offerings, grain offerings, and the fat from the fellowship offerings because the copper altar in front of Jehovah was too small to hold all of them.

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