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'Put to Death' in the Bible

But Herod, when he had news of it, said, John, whom I put to death, has come back from the dead.

For he taught his disciples, and said to them: The Son of man is to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will put him to death; and after he is put to death, he will rise on the third day.

This came to the ears of the scribes and high priests, and they tried to get him put to death, for they were afraid of him. But the multitude were all astounded at his teaching.

And he sent another, and that one they killed; then many others -- "some they beat, and some they put to death.

Now the feast of the Passover and of Unleavened Bread was two days later. So the high priests and scribes kept looking for some way to arrest Him by stratagem and have Him put to death,

And on the first day of unleavened bread, when the Passover lamb is put to death, his disciples said to him, Where are we to go and make ready for you to take the Passover meal?

But he said with passion, If I have to be put to death with you, I will not be false to you. And they all said the same.

Meanwhile, the high priests and the whole Council were looking for some testimony against Jesus in order to have him put to death, but they couldn't find any.

His words against God have come to your ears: what is your opinion? And they all said it was right for him to be put to death.

And Pilate, desiring to do what was pleasing to the people, let Barabbas go free, and gave up Jesus, when he had been whipped, to be put to death on the cross.

And he said to them, Do not be troubled: you are looking for Jesus, the Nazarene, who has been put to death on the cross; he has come back from the dead; he is not here: see, the place where they put him!

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