1 Samuel Themes

Book Summary:

This book begins the 500 year period of the Kings of Israel – approximately between 1050 and 586BC. The book covers a period of 115 years from the birth of Samuel through the turbulent times of Saul to the beginning of David, the king who God chose. Samuel means ‘name of God,’ the life of Samuel is a wonderful study of prayer, as we see his intercessory for Israel and walking intimately with God. Samuel was the last of the judges and first of the prophets.

The Israelites lost the ark of the covenant to the philistines for a little while – “the ark of God was a very poor substitute for the God of the ark.” Charm and talismans don’t bring victory as many people think, giving money or wearing religious symbols don’t make a difference – only a personal relationship with the Son of Love.

If we really mean business we must show it, as Samuel said – “put away your strange God’s” or in other words “cut away” – “if you mean business then God will mean business, religion is not just a matter of emotion but also the will.”

God takes the initiative in love, we can only love Him because He first loved us – “the only reason any soul is ever rejected by God is that soul has first rejected God. “ Saul grieved and quenched the Holy Spirit through disobedience – “if the Holy Spirit is to remain He must be loved and obeyed.” This book is showing that God is all in all, we can do nothing apart form Him, we need Him, we get to be with Him, we get to be used by Him, we get to be loved by Him, we get to drink of the river of life, we get to come to Him as our Father, our Savior, our Lord, our Life.

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