2 Corinthians Summary

Book Summary

The book opens with comfort and ends in comfort, in-between we have much of Paul’s testimony, how he was battered , shipwrecked, persecuted and stripped. Paul tells us of his sufferings, oppressions and his thorn in the flesh. However the punch of the book is comfort and that in all tribulations we have consolations in Christ. In fact through sufferings our hearts draw closer to God as He is able to comfort us, for all suffering in this life is working in us for our good, molding us into His image. Paul puts it this way – “that your light affliction is working for you a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

Paul describes the true Christians at Corinth as “living epistles.” For some people the only bible that they will read is ourselves. The words of the bible are spirit and life, that is they work in us and become our life, the words of the bible are living and powerful, God will use His word to form Christ in us – for the word to become flesh in our lives.

“thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.” When we understand how much God has given us on the cross it becomes our reasonable service to give all of ourselves as living sacrifices. We can’t out give God for He already has out given everyone with His gift to all who come to Him. This realization should make me want to give. In fact giving becomes better than receiving because when you give it allows God to work in you. When you give there is room for God to move, to work in and to change. Giving is better than receiving because giving works for our benefit, it changes our hearts, it helps with our selfishness, it makes us become more like God. This is because God is a giver, He has given us His indescribable gift so by giving we are showing God, we are reflecting Him, reflecting the most glorious thing in the universe.

2 Corinthians Chapter Summaries

2 Corinthians Major Themes

Thanksgiving For God's Compassion And Comfort
Paul's Clear Conscience
Paul Delays His Visit To Corinth
The God Of Comfort
A Clear Conscience
A Visit Postponed
God Of All Comfort
Paul Gives Thanks To God
Paul's Change Of Plans
God Comforts Paul And The Corinthians
God Rescued Paul When He Was Suffering
Paul's Reason For Being Proud
Why Paul Changed His Plans
God Offers Comfort To All
Thanksgiving For God's Comfort
Paul Defends His Changed Plans
The Change In Paul's Plans
Praise To The God Of All Comfort

Forgive And Comfort The Offender
Triumphant Ministry In Christ
A Sinner Forgiven
A Trip To Macedonia
A Ministry Of Life Or Death
Forgive The Sinner
Triumph In Christ
The Change In Paul's Plans
Forgiveness For The Offender
Paul's Anxiety In Troas
Victory Through Christ
Forgive The Person Who Sinned
Paul's Mission As Christ's Spokesman
Paul's Change Of Plans
Forgiveness For The Sinner
Apostolic Ministry
Paul's Concern In Troas

New Covenant Ministry
Living Letters
Paul's Competence
Ministers Of The New Covenant
Servants Of The New Covenant
The Ministry That Comes From Christ Is Greater Than Moses' Ministry
Ministers Of The New Covenant
The Glory Of The New Covenant
The Greater Glory Of The Spirit's Ministry
Servants Of The New Agreement
The Greater Glory Of The New Covenant

Proclaiming Jesus Christ As Lord
Treasure In Earthenware Jars
The Light Of The Gospel
Treasure In Clay Jars
Treasure In Jars Of Clay
Spiritual Treasure In Clay Pots
Paul Is Never Discouraged
Treasure In Fragile Clay Jars
An Eternal Weight Of Glory
Preaching The Good News
Spiritual Treasure In Clay Jars
Living By Faith
Present Weakness And Resurrection Life

Absent From The Body And At Home With The Lord
Controlled By The Love Of Christ
Our Future After Death
The Ministry Of Reconciliation
Our Heavenly Dwelling
Living By Faith
Faith Guides Our Lives
Christ's Love Guides Us
New Bodies
The Message Of Reconciliation
Becoming Friends With God
Awaiting The New Body

Afflictions Of God's Servants
Do Not Become Unevenly Yoked With Unbelievers
The Character Of Paul's Ministry
Separation To God
The Temple Of The Living God
Friendship With God Through Christ
Our Lives Demonstrate That We Are God's Servants
Christians And Their Relationships With Unbelievers
We Are God's Ambassadors
Paul's Hardships
Unequal Partners
Warning About Non-Christians

Paul's Joy At The Corinthians' Repentance
Joy And Repentance
Warning Against Pagan Influences
Paul's Joy
Paul's Joy
Paul Was Comforted By What The Corinthians Did
The Temple Of The Living God
Paul's Joy At The Church's Repentance
A Letter That Caused Sadness
Paul's Joy Over The Church's Repentance

Generosity In Giving
Arrangements For Administering The Corinthians' Gift
Appeal To Complete The Collection
Administration Of The Collection
Encouragement To Give Generously
Commendation Of Titus
Christian Giving
Titus And His Companions
A Call To Generous Giving
The Mission Of Titus
Titus And His Companions Help
Titus Sent To Receive The Collection

God Loves A Cheerful Giver
Motivations For Giving
The Collection For Christians In Jerusalem
The Cheerful Giver
Help For Needy Believers
The Reason To Give To The Christians In Jerusalem
The Collection For Christians In Jerusalem
Help For Fellow Christians
Generosity Encouraged

Paul's Ministry Defended
Paul's Apostolic Authority
Paul Defends His Ministry
Paul Defends His Ministry
Paul's Authority To Speak Forcefully
Paul's Reason For Bragging
Paul Defends His Authority
Paul's Mission
Paul's Defense Of His Ministry

Paul Defends His Apostleship
Paul Boasts In His Sufferings
Paul And The False Apostles
Paul's Sufferings For Christ
Paul And The False Apostles
Paul's Sufferings As An Apostle
Paul's Sufferings As An Apostle
Paul Contrasts Himself With False Apostles
More Reasons For Paul To Brag
Paul's Many Trials
Paul's Sufferings For Christ
Paul Tells About His Sufferings
Paul Boasts About His Sufferings

A Vision Of Paradise
Paul's Concern For The Christians At Corinth
Sufficient Grace
Signs Of An Apostle
Paul's Concern For The Corinthians
Concern For The Corinthian Church
Paul's Visions And Revelations
Paul's Concern For The Corinthians
Paul's Visions And His Thorn
Paul's Visions And Revelations From The Lord
Paul Was Not A Burden To The Corinthians
Paul's Concern About The Corinthians' Way Of Life
Paul's Vision And His Thorn In The Flesh
Paul's Concern For The Corinthians
The Signs Of An Apostle
A Special Blessing In Paul's Life
Paul's Love For The Christians
Paul's Vision And His Thorn

Final Warnings To The Church At Corinth
Final Greetings And Benediction
Final Warnings And Exhortations
Final Warnings
Paul Tells The Corinthians To Prepare For His Visit
Paul's Final Advice
Final Exhortations And Greetings