Ezekiel Themes

Book Summary:

Ezekiel portrays Jesus Christ as the Son of Man. This book portrays much symbolism which John refers to often in revelation. “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy” (revelations 19:10) – these victories point to Christ, because all prophecies will be fulfilled in Christ.

Ezekiel has a vision when dry bones came together in life, which speaks of the restoration of life into Israel, this is the same new birth which happens to us individually as a result of believing on the finished work of Christ. We were dead in our sins, we were just a bunch of dry bones until Christ breathed His live in us and are birthed into new life, translated into the kingdom of the Son of His Love.

Ezekiel reveals that the future blessing for Israel will come with David’s son – Jesus Christ. Ezekiel ends as he refers to the millennial kingdom – when Jesus reigns for 1000 years. In this period all nations will know God and that He is Lord of all.

Israel will have protection when they are “possessed by none other than God Himself,” for only God through Jesus Christ can give us a new heart and thus enable us to live in the new covenant with Him because of what He has done.

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