Isaiah Themes

Book Summary:

The theme to Isaiah is salvation, Isaiah’s name actually means ‘Jehovah saves.’ Isaiah portrays Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Isaiah is full of prophecies concerning the Messiah – Jesus tells us that the whole scriptures testify about Him. Only God can tell the future and the prophetic implications reveal to us the supernatural origin of the bible. Christ Himself fulfills over 300 specific prophecies. Isaiah portrays how the Messiah will bring in ultimate victory through suffering and death. His suffering is revealed powerfully in chapter 53 and His glorious coming is shown in chapter 34.

Isaiah tells us that Jerusalem will be the capital of the coming kingdom. Isaiah prophecies every aspect of the King – His birth, family, anointing, character, gentleness, death, resurrection and glorious reign.

We see in Isaiah how God chose Assyria to punish Israel for it’s rejection of God, this however was all working towards God’s plan of ushering in the Messiah.

In chapter 11 and 12 we see a picture of the coming king and kingdom – the king himself (v1) – His anointing (v2), His righteous reign (v2-5) , His glorious kingdom (v6-9), his gathering together of His people from the four corners of the earth, His kingdom worship.

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