Job Themes

Book Summary:

The book of Job reveals the Messiah as ‘my redeemer.’ Job deals with the question of why do good men suffer? Suffering is a means which God uses to perfect us to change us, suffering allows Him to manifest Himself in our lives in greater degrees, suffering softens our heart , humbles us and pushes us to cry out to Him, to ask Him for help for Him to come closer to us in a ever more closer relationship. We are servants of Christ and a servant is not greater than His master. Our Master has suffered more than anyone. Jesus therefore is our High Priest which sympathizes with us in every way. In suffering Christ is there with us sharing everything with us.

It’s true that in life you are closer to people who you have gone through trials with, so with Christ, in suffering we get to share in the ‘fellowship of the sufferings’ with Him. He will always see us through and from past experience everyone in Christ can testify of His faithfulness and His restoring resurrection power in our lives. Job was restored completely after facing complete brokenness, but all the time the Lord was in control.

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