Proverbs Themes

Book Summary:

Proverbs describe Jesus Christ as our wisdom, the end of all living , the lover of our souls. Mear’s describes the psalms as book of devotion and prayer when we are on our knees at the feet of Christ. Proverbs however is described as a book of how to walk, in the business place , home and playground, that is how to walk in the forgiveness that has been imputed to us. Proverb shows that godliness is practical – to love God and man.

The wisdom of the book is personified in the person of Christ – as 1 Corinthians 1:30 says – “but of Him you are in Christ Jesus who become for us the wisdom from God.” Christ is the wisdom from God who came down from heaven, He is the incarnate Word of God who became flesh. Christ is described as the designer to the universe, everything was made through Him, for Him and by Him.

Proverbs Chapter Themes

Proverbs Major Themes