1 And Hiram king of Tyre will send messengers to David, and trees of cedars and workmen of the wall and workmen of woods to build for him a house. 2 And David knew that Jehovah prepared him for king over Israel, for his kingdom was lifted up to above on account of his people Israel.
3 And David will take yet wives in Jerusalem: and David will yet beget sons and daughters. 4 And these the names of the children which were to him in Jerusalem; Shamus, and Shobab, Nathan and Solomon 5 And Ibhar, and Elishua, and Elphalet, 6 And Nogah and Nepheg, and Japhia, 7 And Elishama, and Beeliada, and Eliphalet
8 And the rovers will hear that David was anointed for king over all Israel, and all the rovers will come up to seek David. And David will hear and he will go forth before them. 9 And the rovers came and they will spread out in the valley of the shades. 10 And David will ask in God, saying, Shall I go up against the rovers? and gavest thou them into my hand? and Jehovah will say to him, Go up; and I gave them into thy hand.
11 And they will go up to the master of breaches, and David. will strike them there. And David will say, God broke forth upon mine enemies by my hand as the breaking forth of waters: for this they called the name of that place, The Master of the Breaches. 12 And they will leave their gods there, and David will say, and they will burn in fire.
13 And the rovers will yet add, and they will spread out in the valley. 14 And David will yet ask in God: and God will say to him, Thou shalt not go up after them; turn about from off them, and go to them from the front of the weepings. 15 And it will be in thy hearing a voice of the goings in the heads of the weepings, then thou shall go forth in war: for God will go forth before thee to strike the camp of the rovers. 16 And David will do as Jehovah commanded him: and they will strike the camp of the rovers from Gibeon even to Gaza. 17 And the name of David will go forth into all lands; and Jehovah gave his fear upon all the nations..