1 Being therefore impatient to hear of you, we judg'd it proper to stay at Athens alone, and send you our brother Timothy, 2 a minister of God, and our collegue in preaching the gospel of Christ, that by establishing you in the faith, and by his exhortations, 3 none of you might be stagger'd by these persecutions: for you know that we are destin'd to suffer. 4 and even when we were with you, we foretold you, that we should be persecuted, as you know it happen'd. 5 not being able therefore to wait any longer, I sent Timothy to know the state of your faith, for fear the tempter should have seduc'd you, and all our labour have prov'd abortive.
6 but Timothy, upon his arrival here from you, brings us the agreeable news of the perseverance of your faith and charity, that you always make honourable mention of us, and that you desire to see us as ardently as we do to see you. 7 Thus, my brethren, your conduct has given us great consolation, under all our persecutions and distress. 8 for now I am reviv'd, since you continue stedfast in the christian profession. 9 how can I be sufficiently thankful to God upon your account, for all the joy, which by your means we have been affected with, 10 whilst night and day we make our ardent requests to him, that we may once more be present with you, that nothing may be wanting to the perfection of your faith?
11 now may God our father, and our Lord Jesus Christ remove all the obstructions of our journey to you. 12 may the Lord make you increase and abound in mutual love, in love towards all men, as we do towards you: 13 that by the sanctity of your affections, you may stand unreprov'd in the presence of God our father, when our Lord Jesus Christ shall come with all his holy angels.