Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

General references

Bible References


Acts 11:7
I also heard a voice telling me to get up and kill and eat [one of them].
Acts 15:20
but to write [urging] them to avoid [eating] what is contaminated by [its association with] idol worship, from sexual immorality, from [eating] strangled animals and from [drinking] blood.
Acts 21:25
But concerning Gentile believers, we wrote [to them] our decision, that they should avoid [eating] things sacrificed to idols, from [drinking] blood, from [eating] what is strangled and from sexual immorality."
Romans 14:14
As one who is in [fellowship with] the Lord Jesus, I am fully convinced that nothing in itself is [ceremonially] unclean. But to the person who considers something [ceremonially] unclean, it then becomes unclean to him.
1 Corinthians 10:23
"Everything is permissible [to do];" but not everything is profitable [See note at 6:12]. "Everything is permissible [to do];" but not everything builds [people] up.

General references

1 Timothy 5:23
Do not continue drinking water only, but use a little wine [i.e., for its medicinal value] for your stomach and for your frequent [other] ailments.