1 But, brethren, we make known to you the grace of God which has been given in the churches of Macedonia; 2 because in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality. 3 Because I witness, that according to their ability, and beyond their ability they were anxious, 4 with much exhortation praying our favor and the fellowship of the ministry which is to the saints: 5 and not as we hoped, but they gave themselves first to the Lord, and to us through the will of God: 6 that we should exhort Titus, that as he formerly began it, he may indeed also complete this grace unto you. 7 But as in every thing you abound, in faith, and in word, and knowledge, and in all zeal, and in divine love from you in us, that you may also abound in this philanthropy.
8 I speak not according to commandment, but through the zeal of others also proving the sincerity of your divine love. 9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, being rich, for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be made rich. 10 And herein I give my judgement: for this is profitable to you, who not only began to do, but to be anxious, a year ago: 11 but now indeed complete the work; in order that as there was a promptitude of willing, there shall also be a completion out of your ability. 12 For if there is first a willing mind, it is acceptable according to what one may have, and not according to what he has not. 13 For it is not that there may be relief to others, affliction to you, but that it may be according to equality: at this time your abundance may correspond to their deficiency, 14 that their abundance may correspond with your deficiency, in order that there may be equality: 15 as has been written, He that had much did not super-abound; and he that had little did not lack.
16 But thanks be unto God, who gives this same enthusiasm in your behalf in the heart of Titus; 17 because he indeed accepted our exhortation; and being the more enthusiastic, came unto you of his own accord. 18 But we sent with him the brother, whose praise in the gospel is through all the churches; 19 not only so, but having been elected by the churches our traveling companion with this philanthropy, administered by us to the glory of the Lord himself, and your promptitude: 20 and avoiding this, lest any one may blame us in this benefaction administered by us: 21 for we provide things honest, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also before the people. 22 And we sent our brother along with him to them, whom we have tried, being frequently zealous in many things, but now much more zealous, with great confidence towards you. 23 Whether in behalf of Titus, my companion and fellow-laborer towards you; or our brethren, the apostles of the churches, the glory of Christ. 24 Moreover manifesting the exhibition of your love, and our boasting to them in your behalf, in the face of the churches.