1 Indeed it is quite superfluous for me to be writing to you about this charitable service to the saints; 2 I know how willing you are, I am proud of it, I have boasted of you to the Macedonians: "Achaia," I tell them, "was all ready last year." And your zeal has been a stimulus to the majority of them. 3 At the same time I am sending these brothers just in case my pride in you should prove an empty boast in this particular instance; I want you to be "all ready," as I have been telling them that you would be, 4 in case any Macedonians accompany me and find you are not ready ??which would make me (not to speak of yourselves) ashamed of having been so sure. 5 That is why I have thought it necessary to ask these brothers to go on in advance and get your promised contribution ready in good time. I want it to be forthcoming as a generous gift, not as money wrung out of you.
6 Mark this: he who sows sparingly will reap sparingly, and he who sows generously will reap a generous harvest. 7 Everyone is to give what he has made up his mind to give; there is to be no grudging or compulsion about it, for God loves the giver who gives cheerfully. 8 God is able to bless you with ample means, so that you may always have quite enough for any emergency of your own and ample besides for any kind act to others; 9 as it is written, He scatters his gifts to the poor broadcast, his charity lasts for ever.
10 He who furnishes the sower with seed and with bread to eat will supply seed for you and multiply it; he will increase the crop of your charities ??11 you will be enriched on all hands, so that you can be generous on all occasions, and your generosity, of which I am the agent, will make men give thanks to God; 12 for the service rendered by this fund does more than supply the wants of the saints, it overflows with many a cry of thanks to God. 13 This service shows what you are, it makes men praise God for the way you have come under the gospel of Christ which you confess, and for the generosity of your contributions to themselves and to all; 14 they are drawn to you and pray for you, on account of the surpassing grace which God has shown to you. 15 Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!