Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then Moab rebelled against Israel after the death of Ahab.

General references

Bible References


Numbers 24:7
Water shall flow from his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.
2 Samuel 8:2
And he smote Moab, and measured them with the line, making them to lay down on the ground. And he measured two lines to put to death, and one full line to keep alive. And the Moabites became servants to David, and brought tribute.
1 Chronicles 18:2
And he smote Moab, and the Moabites became servants to David, and brought tribute.
Psalm 60:8
Moab is my wash pot. Upon Edom I will cast my shoe. Philistia, shout thou because of me.

After the

2 Kings 3:4
Now Mesha king of Moab was a sheep-master. And he rendered to the king of Israel the wool of a hundred thousand lambs, and of a hundred thousand rams.
2 Kings 8:20
In his days Edom revolted from under the hand of Judah, and made a king over themselves.

General references

2 Kings 3:5
But it came to pass, when Ahab was dead, that the king of Moab rebelled against the king of Israel.