Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

Bible References

His mighty angels

John 1:3
Everything came into existence through him, and apart from him nothing came to be.
Ephesians 1:2
God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and give you peace.
Colossians 1:16
for it was through him that everything was created in heaven and on earth, the seen and the unseen, angelic thrones, dominions, principalities, authorities??ll things were created through him and for him.
1 Peter 3:22
who has gone to heaven and is at God's right hand, with angels, hierarchies, and powers made subject to him.
Revelation 22:6
"These words are trustworthy and true," he said to me; "For the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent his angel to show his slaves what must happen very soon.

General references

Matthew 7:2
For you will be judged by the standard you judge by, and men will pay you back with the same measure you have used with them.
Mark 13:26
Then they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with great power and glory,
Luke 17:30
It will be like that on the day when the Son of Man appears.
John 5:22
For the Father passes judgment on no one, but he has committed the judgment entirely to the Son,