1 NOW it came to pass at Iconium, that they went together into the synagogue of the Jews, and spake in such a manner, as that a vast multitude both of the Jews and Greek proselytes believed. 2 But the unbelieving Jews stirred up, and maliciously prejudiced the spirits of the Gentiles against the brethren. 3 A long space therefore continued they there speaking boldly in the Lord, who bore witness to the word of his grace, and granted signs and miracles to be wrought by their hands. 4 So the multitude was divided: some indeed were with the Jews, but others with the apostles. 5 And when there was a strong effort made both by the Gentiles and Jews with their rulers to ill-treat and stone them, 6 conscious of their danger, they fled unto the cities of Lycaonia, Lystra, and Derbe, and the circum-jacent country: 7 and there they preached the gospel.
8 And there was a certain man at Lystra, who having lost the use of his feet was sitting, being lame from his mother's womb, and who had never been able to walk: 9 this person heard Paul speaking; who fixing his eyes on him, and discovering that he had faith to be healed, 10 said with a loud voice, Stand up firm on thy feet! And he leaped and walked.
11 But when the multitudes beheld what Paul had done, they lifted up their voice, in the dialect of Lycaonia, saying, The gods in the form of mortals are come down to us. 12 And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercury, because he principally led the discourse. 13 Then the priest of Jupiter, who was the presiding deity of their city, brought bulls and garlands unto the gates of the city, and intended to offer a sacrifice with the people.
14 But when the apostles, Barnabas and Paul, heard it, they rent their garments, and rushed into the crowd, crying out, 15 and saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? We too are mortals subject to the same infirmities with you; preaching to you the gospel, that ye should turn from these vain things unto the living God, who made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all things which are therein: 16 who in the past generations hath suffered all nations to walk in their own ways. 17 Although indeed he left not himself untestified of, doing us good, giving us from heaven showers, and fruitful seasons, replenishing our hearts with food and gladness. 18 And thus speaking, scarce restrained they the multitudes from offering the sacrifice to them.
19 Then came the Jews from Antioch and Iconium, and gaining over the multitudes, they stoned Paul, and dragged him out of the city, supposing him to be dead. 20 But as the disciples stood around him, he arose, and entered into the city: and on the morrow he departed with Barnabas for Derbe.
21 And after preaching the gospel in that city, and bringing many to become disciples, they returned to Lystra, and Iconium, and Antioch; 22 strengthening the souls of the brethren, exhorting them to abide firm in the faith, and that through many afflictions we must pass into the kingdom of heaven.
23 Then appointing them presbyters in every city, by prayer with fastings they commended them to the Lord, on whom they had believed. 24 Then passing through Pisidia, they came unto Pamphylia. 25 And having spoken the word in Perga, they went down to Attalia: 26 and thence sailed for Antioch, from whence they had been commended to the grace of God for the service which they had performed. 27 So when they arrived they called the church together, and related what great things God had done by them, and that he had opened to the heathen the door of faith. 28 And there they abode no inconsiderable time with the disciples.