Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But I will send a fire upon Moab, and it shall devour the palaces of Kerioth: and Moab shall die with tumult, with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet:


Bible References


Jeremiah 48:24
against Kerioth, Bozrah, and all the towns in the land of Moab, both far and near.

With tumult

Amos 1:14
So I will send down fire upon the wall of Rabbah, and it will devour their fortified citadels with an alarm sounding in the time of battle, and with a whirlwind in the time of storm.
Isaiah 9:5
For every boot of the tramping soldier in battle tumult and every garment rolled in blood will be used for burning as fuel for a fire.
Jeremiah 48:34
"From the cry of Heshbon, to Elealeh, to Jahaz they have lifted up their voice. From Zoar to Horonaim and to Eglath-shelishiyah, even the waters of Nimrim will become a desolate place.

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