1 Hear, what the LORD speaketh unto you, O ye children of Israel: namely, unto all the tribes, whom I brought out of Egypt, and said,
2 'You only have I accepted from all the generations of the earth: therefore will I visit you in all your wickednesses. 3 May twain walk together except they be agreed among themselves? 4 Doth a lion roar in the woods, except he have prey? Or crieth a Lion's whelp out of his den, except he have gotten something? 5 Doth a bird fall in a snare upon the earth where no fouler is? Taketh a man his snare up from the ground, afore he catch somewhat? 6 Cry they out Alarum with the trumpet in the city, and the people not afraid? Cometh there any plague in a city without it be the LORD's doing? 7 Now doth the LORD God no manner of thing, but he telleth his secret before unto his servants the prophets. 8 When a lion roareth, who will not be afraid? Seeing then that the LORDE God himself speaketh, who will not prophesy?
9 "'Preach in the palaces at Ashdod, and in the palaces of the land of Egypt, and say, 'Gather you together upon the mountains of Samaria, so shall ye see great murder and violent oppression among them.' For why? They regard not the thing that is right, 10 sayeth the LORD: they gather together evil gotten goods, and lay up robbery in their houses.'
11 Therefore, thus sayeth the LORD God, 'This land shall be troubled and besieged round about, thy strength shall be plucked from thee, and thy palaces robbed.'
12 Thus sayeth the LORD, 'like as a herdsman taketh two legs or a piece of an ear out of the lion's mouth: Even so the children of Israel that dwell in Samaria, having their couches in the corner, and the beds at Damascus, shall be plucked away.
13 Hear, and bear record in the house of Jacob,' sayeth the LORD God of hosts. 14 'That when I begin to visit the wickedness of Israel, I will visit the altars at Bethel also: so that the horns of the alter shall be broken off, and fall to the ground. 15 As for the winter house and summer house, I will smite them down: and the houses of Ivory, yea and many other houses shall perish, and be destroyed,' sayeth the LORD."