1 Hear this word, ye heifers of Bashan, which are upon the mountain of Shomeron, oppressing the poor, breaking in pieces the needy, saying to their lords, Bring, and we will drink.
2 The Lord Jehovah sware by his holiness, that behold, the days coming upon you and he took you away with hooks, and your last part with thorns of the fish. 3 And ye shall go forth at the breaches, a woman before her; and ye cast to the fortress, says Jehovah.
4 Come to the house of God and transgress: at Gilgal multiply to transgress; and bring your sacrifices for the morning, your tenths for three days: 5 And burn incense from leaven, a thanksgiving, and call; cause the free will offerings to be heard: for thus ye loved ye sons of Israel, says the Lord Jehovah.
6 And also I gave to you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: and ye turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.
7 And I withheld from you the rain in yet three months to harvest: and I caused to rain upon one city, and upon one city I will not cause to rain: and one portion shall be rained upon, and the portion which shall not be rained upon, it shall dry up. 8 And two, three cities wandered about to one city to drink water, and they will not be satisfied: and they turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.
9 I struck you with blasting and with yellowness: the multitudes of your gardens and your vineyards and your fig-trees and your olives the creeping locust shall eat: and ye turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.
10 And I sent death among you in the way of Egypt: and I slew your young men with the sword, with the captivity of your horses; and I will bring up your camps with fire and in your anger, and ye turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.
11 I overthrew among you as God overthrows Sodom and Gomorrah, and ye shall be as a fire-brand snatched from the burning: and ye turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.
12 For this, thus will I do to thee, O Israel: because that I will do this to thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel. 13 For behold, he forming the mountains and creating the wind, and announcing to man his meditation, making the morning darkness and treading upon the heights of the earth, Jehovah, God of armies his name