Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

General references

Bible References


Ephesians 4:25
So then, put away lying and [Zech 8:16], "Each one should speak truthfully with his neighbor," because we are parts of one another [i.e., in the one body].
2 Corinthians 4:2
Instead, we have renounced [the practice of] secret, disgraceful behavior. We do not practice deception, nor resort to distorting God's message. But, by making known the truth [i.e., the true message], we commend ourselves to everyone's conscience in the presence of God.
2 Corinthians 8:8
I am not saying this [to you] as a command, but by telling you how eager others are [to help], to find out how genuine your love is also.

Speaking the truth

John 1:47
[As] Jesus saw Nathaniel coming toward Him, He said [this] about him, "Look, [there is] a true Israelite, a completely honest man!"
Romans 12:9
Let [your] love be sincere. Hate whatever is evil. Cling to whatever is good.
James 2:15
If a brother or sister is without [adequate] clothing and needs daily food,
1 Peter 1:22
[Since] you have purified your souls by [your] obedience to the truth [i.e., the Gospel message], which produces a genuine love for your brothers, [now] you should have this kind of fervent, heartfelt love for one another.
1 John 3:18
Little children [i.e., dear ones], we should not [merely] claim to love [people], or [even just] talk about it, but [we should love] by what we do [for them] in a genuine way.


Ephesians 2:21
In [harmony with] Him the entire building [i.e., the church] is properly assembled, rising into a dedicated temple for the Lord. [See I Cor. 3:16-17].
1 Peter 2:2
[So], like newly born babies, you should desire the genuine, spiritual milk [i.e., God's word. See Heb. 5:12-13], so that by it you may grow toward [final] salvation,
2 Peter 3:18
But grow in the unearned favor and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May He be honored both now and forever. May it be so.

General references

John 10:5
They will not follow a stranger, but will run from him, for they do not recognize the voice of strangers."
Romans 12:4
For there are many parts to a single human body and all of these parts do not have the same function.