29 (A)The holy garments of Aaron shall be for his sons after him, (a)that in them they may be anointed and ordained. 30 For seven days the one of his sons who is priest in his stead shall put them on when he enters the tent of meeting to minister in the holy place.

Food of the Priests

31 “You shall take the ram of (b)ordination and (B)boil its flesh in a holy place. 32 Aaron and his sons shall eat the flesh of the ram and the bread that is in the basket, at the doorway of the tent of meeting. 33 Thus (C)they shall eat (c)those things by which atonement was made (d)at their ordination and consecration; but a (e)(D)layman shall not eat them, because they are holy.


a. Exodus 29:29: ['Lit ', for anointing in them and filling their hand in them]
b. Exodus 29:31: ['Lit ', filling]
c. Exodus 29:33: ['Lit ', them]
d. Exodus 29:33: ['Lit ', to fill their hand to sanctify them]
e. Exodus 29:33: ['Lit ', stranger]

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