Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them.

Bible References

The pride

Hosea 7:10
Israel's arrogance testifies against him; but they do not return to the LORD their God, nor seek him in all of this.
Proverbs 30:13
Some people what an arrogant look they have! raise their eyebrows haughtily.
Isaiah 3:9
"The expressions on their faces give them away. They parade their sin around like Sodom; they don't even try to hide it. How horrible it will be for them, because they have brought disaster on themselves!"
Isaiah 9:9
and all of the people were evil Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria saying proudly with arrogant hearts:
Isaiah 28:1
How terrible it will be for that arrogant garland the drunks of Ephraim! How terrible it will be for that fading flower of his glorious beauty, which sits on the heads of people bloated with food, of people overcome with wine!


Isaiah 44:9
Now, all the forming of images means nothing, and the things they treasure are worthless. Their own witnesses cannot see, and they know nothing. So they will be put to shame.
Isaiah 59:12
"For our transgressions before you are many, and our sins testify against us; for our transgressions are with us, and as for our iniquities, we acknowledge them:
Jeremiah 14:7
LORD,even though our iniquities testify against us, do something for the sake of your name. Indeed, our apostasies are many, and we have sinned against you.
Matthew 23:31
Therefore, you testify against yourselves that you are descendants of those who murdered the prophets.
Luke 19:22
The king told him, "I will judge you by your own words, you evil servant! You knew, did you, that I was a hard man, and that I withdraw what I didn't deposit and harvest what I didn't plant?

Fall in

Hosea 4:5
So you will stumble during the day, the prophet also will stumble with you at night, and I will destroy your mother.
Hosea 14:1
"Return, Israel, to the LORD your God, for you have fallen due to your own iniquity.
Proverbs 11:5
The righteousness of the innocent creates a level path, but the wicked fall by their wickedness.
Proverbs 14:32
The wicked person is thrown down by his own wrongdoing, but the righteous person has a place of safety in death.
Proverbs 24:16
for though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again, but the wicked stumble into calamity.
Amos 5:2
Fallen is Israel the virgin never to rise again! She is abandoned on her own land, with no one to raise her up.'


Hosea 5:14
Therefore I will be like a lion to Ephraim, and like a young lion to the house of Judah. I even I will tear them to pieces, and then I will leave. I will take them away, and there will be no rescue.
Hosea 8:14
"Israel has neglected its maker in building palaces. Judah has multiplied its fortified cities, but I will send fire to their cities, and it will consume their fortresses."
2 Kings 17:19
But Judah, too, did not keep the commands of the LORD their God. Instead, they lived the lifestyle that Israel had chosen,
Ezekiel 23:31
You took the path of your sister, so I'll place her cup in your hand.'
Amos 2:4
This is what the LORD says: "For three transgressions of Judah and now for a fourth I will not turn away; because they rejected the Law of the LORD and did not keep his statutes. Their own lies made them wander off, following along the same path their ancestors walked.

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