Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

Bible References

Set his hand

Leviticus 26:40
Then shall they confess their iniquity, And the iniquity of their fathers, In their unfaithfulness wherewith they had been unfaithful towards me; Yea moreover, because they had gone in opposition to me,
Deuteronomy 4:27
and Yahweh will scatter you among the peoples, - and ye shall have left remaining of you men easily counted, among the nations whither Yahweh will drive you;
Deuteronomy 30:3
then will Yahweh thy God bring back thy captivity and have compassion upon thee, - and return and gather thee from among all the peoples whither Yahweh thy God hath scattered thee.
Psalm 68:22
Said My Lord, From Bashan, will I bring back, - I will bring back from the depths of the sea:
Jeremiah 23:7
Therefore, lo! days are coming, Declareth Yahweh, When it shall not be said any more As Yahweh liveth, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt;
Jeremiah 30:8
And it shall come to pass in that day, Declareth Yahweh of hosts, That I will break his yoke from off thy neck, And thy bonds, will I tear off, - And foreigners shall use him as a slave no more;
Jeremiah 31:36
If these ordinances depart from before me, Declareth Yahweh, - the seed of Israel also, may cease from being a nation before me, all the days,
Jeremiah 33:24
Hast thou not observed what, this people, have spoken saying, The two families which Yahweh did choose, he hath even east them off? And so, my people, they despise, as though they could not again become a nation in their sight!
Ezekiel 11:16
Therefore, say, Thus saith My Lord. Yahweh, Although I have removed them far away among the nations, And although I have dispersed them throughout the lands Yet have I become to them a sanctuary for a little while, in the lands which they have entered
Ezekiel 34:23
And I will raise up over them one shepherd And he shall tend them, Even my servant David, - Hell will tend them, And libel will become to them a shepherd;
Ezekiel 36:24
Therefore will I take you from among the nations, And gather you out of all the lands,- And will bring you upon your own soil;
Hosea 1:11
Then shall the sons of Judah and the sons of Israel, gather themselves together, as one, and shall appoint them one head, and come up out of the earth, - for great shall be the day of Jezreel.
Hosea 3:4
For, many days, shall the sons of Israel tarry, without king, and without ruler, and without sacrifice, and without pillar; and without ephod, or household gods.
Amos 9:14
And I will bring back the captivity of my people Israel, and they shall build waste cities, and inhabit them , and plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof, and lay out gardens, and eat the fruit thereof:
Micah 7:14
Shepherd thou thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine inheritance, Dwell thou alone, a jungle in the midst of a fruitful field, - Let them feed in Bashan and in Gilead, as in the days of age-past times.
Zechariah 10:8
I will signal for them, and will gather them, because I have ransomed them, - and they shall multiply, according as they have multiplied;
Romans 11:15
For, if, the casting away of them, hath become the reconciling of a world, what shall, the taking of them in addition, be, but life from among the dead?
2 Corinthians 3:16
Howbeit, whensoever he turneth unto the Lord, he taketh off the veil:

From assyria

Isaiah 11:16
So shall there be a highway for the remnant of his people who shall be left out of Assyria, - Like as it was to Israel, in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt!
Isaiah 27:12
And it shall come to pass, in that day, That Yahweh will beat off his fruit from the stream of the River, unto the torrent-valley of Egypt, - And, ye, shall be picked up, one by one O sons of Israel.
Micah 7:12
The very day, that, against thee, shall one come from Assyria, and from the cities of Egypt; yea from Egypt, even unto the River, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain:


Isaiah 45:14
Thus, saith Yahweh - The produce of Egypt and the gain of Ethiopia, and the Sabeans, men of great stature, Unto thee, shall come over, And thine, shall they become, After thee, shall they journey, In chains, shall they come over, - And unto thee, shall they bow down Unto thee, shall they pray saying , - Surely, in thee, is a GOD And there is none else - no, God!
Genesis 10:6
And, the sons of Ham: Cush and Mizraim and Phut and Canaan.


Isaiah 10:9
Is not, Calno, like Carchemish? Is not, Hamath, like Arpad? Is not, Samaria, like Damascus?
Jeremiah 49:23
Of Damascus. Turned pale have Hamath and Arpad, For, a calamitous report, have they heard - they tremble, - In the sea, is anxiety, it cannot, rest.
Zechariah 9:2
Moreover also, Hamath, adjoineth thereto, Tyre and Zidon, - because very wise;

The islands

Isaiah 24:15
For this cause, In the Regions of Light, give ye glory to Yahweh, - In the Coastlands of the Sea, unto the Name of Yahweh. God of Israel,
Isaiah 42:4
He will not fade, nor will he be crushed, Until he establish, in the earth, justice, And for his instruction, Coastlands, wait.
Isaiah 66:19
Then will I set among them, a sign, And will send, of them such as have escaped unto the nations - Tarshish Pul and Lud that draw the bow, Tubal and Javan, - The Coastlands that are afar off, Who have not heard my fame Nor seen my glory, And they shall tell my glory throughout the nations.
Genesis 10:5
From these, were dispersed the inhabitants of the coastlands of the nations, in their lands, each man by his tongue, by their families in their nations.
Jeremiah 31:10
Hear ye the word of Yahweh, O ye nations, And declare ye in the Coastlands, afar off, - And say - He that scattereth Israel, will gather him, And watch over him as a shepherd his flock;
Ezekiel 27:6
With oaks from Bashan, made they thine oars, - Thy benches, made they of ivory, inlaid with boxwood, From the shores of the West:
Daniel 11:18
Then will he turn his face to the Coastlands, and will capture many, - but a commander, will bring to an end, his reproach against himself, that, his reproach, return not unto him.
Zephaniah 2:11
Terrible will Yahweh be against them, for he hath caused to waste away all the gods of the earth, that men may bow down to him, every one from his place, all the coastlands of the nations:

General references

Psalm 126:3
Yahweh, hath done great things with us, we are full of joy!
Jeremiah 23:3
myself, therefore will gather the remnant of my flock, out of all the lands whither I have driven them, - And will bring them back unto their own fold, And they shall be fruitful and multiply;
Jeremiah 31:17
Yea there is hope for thy future Declareth Yahweh, - And thy sons shall return to their own boundary.
Ezekiel 11:17
Therefore say, Thus saith My Lord Yahweh, Therefore will I assemble you from among the peoples, And gather you out of the lands wherein ye have been dispersed,- And will give you the soil of Israel.
Ezekiel 36:24
Therefore will I take you from among the nations, And gather you out of all the lands,- And will bring you upon your own soil;
Ezekiel 37:21
Therefore speak thou unto them Thus, saith My Lord Yahweh, Lo! myself am going to take the sons of Israel, from among the nations whither they have gone, - And I will gather them from every side, And will bring them in upon their own so;
Zephaniah 3:10
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, shall come my suppliants, the daughter of my dispersed ones, shall bear along a gift for me.