Don’t rejoice, all of you in Philistia,
because the rod of the one who struck you(A) is broken.
For a viper will come from the root(a) of a snake,
and from its egg comes a flying serpent.(B)
Then the firstborn(C) of the poor will be well fed,
and the impoverished will lie down in safety,
but I will kill your root with hunger,
and your remnant will be slain.(b)
Wail, you gates!(D) Cry out, city!
Tremble with fear,(E) all Philistia!
For a cloud of dust is coming from the north,(F)
and there is no one missing from the invader’s ranks.


a. Isaiah 14:29: Or stock
b. Isaiah 14:30: DSS, Syr, Tg; MT reads and he will kill

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