1 And Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aaron, will take each his censer, and give in them fire, and put upon it incense, and bring before Jehovah strange fire, which he commanded them not 2 And fire will come forth from before Jehovah, and will consume them, and they will die before Jehovah. 3 And Moses will say to Aaron, This which Jehovah spake, saying, In drawing near me I will be consecrated, and before all the people I will be honored. And Aaron will be silent
4 And Moses will call to Mishael and to Elzaphan, sons of Uzziel, Aaron's uncle, and say to them, Draw near; lift up your brethren from before the holy place, to without the camp. 5 And they will draw near and lift them up in their tunics to without the camp; as Moses spake.
6 And Moses will say to Aaron, and to Eleazar, and to Ithamar, his sons, Ye shall not uncover you heads, and ye shall not rend your garments; and ye shall not die, and there shall be anger upon all the assembly: and your brethren, all the house of Israel shall weep for the burning which Jehovah burnt 7 And from the door of the tent of appointment ye shall not go forth, lest ye shall die: for the oil of anointing of Jehovah is upon you. And they will do according to the word of Moses.
8 And Jehovah will speak to Aaron, saying. 9 Wine and strong drink thou shalt not drink, thou and thy sons with thee, in your going in to the tent of appointment; and ye shall not die: a law forever to your generations. 10 And to separate between the holy and between the unholy, and between the unclean and between the clean: 11 And to teach the sons of Israel all the laws which Jehovah spake to them by the hand of Moses.
12 And Moses will speak to Aaron, and to Eleazar, and to Ithamar, his sons being left, Take ye the gift remaining from the sacrifices of Jehovah, and eat it unleavened by the altar: for it is holy of holies. 13 And eat it in the holy place, for it is thy portion, and thy sons' portion from the sacrifices of Jehovah: for thus I was commanded. 14 And the breast of waving and the leg of oblation ye shall eat in a clean place; thou and thy sons, and thy daughters with thee; for it is thy portion and the portion of thy sons; they were give from the sacrifices of peace of the sons of Israel. 15 The leg of oblation, and the breast of waving upon the sacrifices of the fat shall they bring, to lift up a waving before Jehovah; and it was to thee, and to thy sons with thee, for a law forever; as Jehovah commanded.
16 And the he goat of the sin, seeking, Moses sought, and behold, it was burnt: and he will be angry with Eleazar and with Ithamar, Aaron's sons, being left, saying, 17 Wherefore ate ye not the sin in the holy place? for it is holy of holies, and he gave it to you to lift up the iniquity of the assembly, and to expiate for them before Jehovah. 18 Behold, he brought not its blood to the holy place before it: eating, ye shall eat it in the holy place as I was commanded.
19 And Aaron will speak to Moses saying, Behold, this day they offered their sin and their burnt-offering, before Jehovah; and behold, such as these will befall me: and I ate the sin this day will it be good in the eyes of Jehovah? 20 And Moses will hear and it will be good in his eyes.