Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For the LORD hath turned away the excellency of Jacob, as the excellency of Israel: for the emptiers have emptied them out, and marred their vine branches.

Excellency of jacob as the excellency

Bible References


Isaiah 10:5
Alas! for Assyria, the rod of mine anger, - Yea, the very staff in their hand, is, my displeasure:
Jeremiah 25:29
For lo! with the city on which my Name hath been called, am I making a beginning of sending calamity, And shall, ye, be held, guiltless? Ye shall not be held guiltless: For a sword, am I proclaiming against all the inhabitants of the earth, Declareth Yahweh of hosts.

Excellency of jacob as the excellency

Zephaniah 3:11
In that day, wilt thou not turn pale for all thy deeds, wherein thou hast transgressed against me? For, then, will I take away out of thy midst thy proudly exulting ones, and thou shalt not again be haughty any more in my holy mountain:


Genesis 49:22
A fruitful bough over a fountain, - Branches creeping over a wail.
Psalm 80:12
Wherefore hast thou broken down its fences, So that all who pass along the way, pluck its fruit?
Jeremiah 49:9
If, grape-gatherers, came to thee, Would they not leave, gleanings? If, thieves in the night, Would they not have taken away what sufficed them?
Hosea 10:1
A luxuriant vine, is Israel, fruit, beseemeth him, - According to the abundance of his fruit, hath he brought abundance to the altars, according to the goodliness of his land, hath he made goodly statues.