2 “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When a man or woman makes a (a)special vow, the vow of (A)a (b)Nazirite, to (c)dedicate himself to the Lord, 3 he shall (B)abstain from wine and strong drink; he shall drink no vinegar, whether made from wine or strong drink, nor shall he drink any grape juice nor eat fresh or dried grapes. 4 All the days of his (d)separation he shall not eat anything that is produced by the grape vine, from the seeds even to the skin.
5 ‘All the days of his vow of separation (C)no razor shall pass over his head. He shall be holy until the days are fulfilled for which he separated himself to the Lord; he shall let the locks of hair on his head grow long.


a. Numbers 6:2: ['Or ', difficult]
b. Numbers 6:2: ['I.e. one separated']
c. Numbers 6:2: ['Or ', live as a Nazirite]
d. Numbers 6:4: ['Or ', living as a Nazirite, ', and so through v 21']

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