1 In Yahweh, have I sought refuge. How can ye say to my soul, Flee to a mountain like a little bird; 2 For lo! the lawless, bend the bow They have fixed their arrow upon the string, To shoot in the darkness at the upright in heart: 3 When the pillars are overthrown, What could, a righteous man, do?
4 Yahweh, is in his holy temple As for Yahweh, in the heavens, is his throne, His eyes, behold - His eyelashes test the sons of men. 5 Yahweh, putteth, the righteous, to the test, - But the lawless one and the lover of violence, his soul doth hate. 6 He will rain upon the lawless live-coals, Fire and brimstone and a burning wind, are the portion of their cup. 7 For righteous is Yahweh Righteousness, he loveth, the upright, shall behold his face.