1 Then I saw another portent in the heavens--a great and marvelous portent--seven angels with the seven last Curses; because with them the Wrath of God is ended. 2 Then I saw what appeared to be a sea of glass mixed with fire; and, standing by this sea of glass, holding the harps of God, I saw those who had come victorious out of the conflict with the Beast and its image and the number that formed its name. 3 They are singing the song of Moses, the Servant of God, and the song of the Lamb-- 'Great and marvelous are thy deeds, O Lord, our God, the Almighty. Righteous and true are thy ways, Eternal King. 4 Who will not reverence and praise thy Name, O Lord? Thou alone art holy! All nations will come and worship before thee, for thy judgments have become manifest.'
5 After this I saw that the inmost shrine of the Tabernacle of Revelation in Heaven was opened, 6 and out of it came the seven angels with the seven Curses. They were adorned with precious stones, pure and bright, and had golden girdles round their breasts. 7 One of the four Creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls, filled with the Wrath of God who lives for ever and ever. 8 'The Temple was filled with smoke from the Glory' and Majesty of God; and no one could enter the Temple, until the seven Curses inflicted by the seven angels were at an end.