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'Bowed Low' in the Bible

Bathsheba bowed low before the king. He asked: What do you want?

The king was told that the prophet was there. Nathan went in and bowed low before the king.

When he had been ushered into the presence of the king, Nathan bowed low in front of the king with his face to the ground and asked, "Your majesty, did you say "Adonijah will be king after me and will sit on my throne'?

"King David," Bathsheba said as she bowed low in front of the king with her face to the ground, "your majesty, may you live forever."

King Solomon then sent for Adonijah and had him brought down from the altar. Adonijah went to the king and bowed low before him. The king said to him: You may go home.

So Ahab got up to get something to eat and drink while Elijah went back up to the top of Mount Carmel, where he bowed low to the ground and placed his face between his knees.

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