9 occurrences

'Chosen Ones' in the Bible

you offspring of Israel His servant,Jacob’s descendants—His chosen ones.

He brought His people out with rejoicing,His chosen ones with shouts of joy.

so that I may enjoy the prosperityof Your chosen ones,rejoice in the joy of Your nation,and boast about Your heritage.

I have commanded My chosen ones;I have also called My warriors,who exult in My triumph,to execute My wrath.

I will produce descendants from Jacob,and heirs to My mountains from Judah;My chosen ones will possess it,and My servants will dwell there.

You will leave your name behindas a curse for My chosen ones,and the Lord God will kill you;but He will give His servants another name.

They will not build and others live in them;they will not plant and others eat.For My people’s lives will belike the lifetime of a tree.My chosen ones will fully enjoythe work of their hands.

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