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'Evil Spirit' in the Bible

And just then there appeared in the synagogue a man dominated by an evil spirit. He shouted out,

And the evil spirit caused the man to have a convulsion, then shouted with a loud voice and came out of him.

And all the people [in the synagogue] were so amazed they began asking one another, "What is this, some new teaching? And it is spoken with such authority He even orders evil spirits, and they obey him."

And in the evening, at sundown, they took to him all who were diseased, and those who had evil spirits.

And a number, who were ill with different diseases, he made well, and sent out evil spirits; but he did not let the evil spirits say anything, because they had knowledge of him.

And he went into their Synagogues in every part of Galilee, preaching and driving out evil spirits.

And whenever they saw Him, [people possessed by] evil spirits fell to the ground in front of Him, shouting, "You are the Son of God."

Jesus said all this because these experts in the law of Moses had been saying, "He has an evil spirit in him."

When Jesus left the boat, immediately a man with an evil spirit came from the graveyard to meet Him.

For Jesus was saying to [the evil spirit in] him, "Come out of this man, you evil spirit."

Then He asked [the evil spirit], "What is your name?" And he answered Him, "My name is 'Legion,' [Note: This word means a number consisting of between 5,000 and 6,000], for there are many of us [i.e., evil spirits]."

miles apart in the same region east of Lake Galilee].

And He gave them permission to do it. So, the evil spirits went out of the man's body and entered the bodies of the [wild] hogs. The herd then rushed down the cliff into the lake. There were about two thousand that drowned in the lake.

And those who had seen it gave them an account of what had been done to him who had the evil spirits, and of the fate of the pigs.

And when he was getting into the boat, the man in whom had been the evil spirits had a great desire to come with him.

But just then a woman whose little daughter was dominated by an evil spirit heard about Jesus and came and fell down at His feet.

Now the woman was a Greek, a Syro-phoenician by birth: and she made a request to him that he would send the evil spirit out of her daughter.

And he said to her, For this saying go your way; the evil spirit has gone out of your daughter.

And she went away to her house, and saw the child on the bed, and the evil spirit gone out.

And frequently the evil spirit has tried to kill him, throwing him into a fire or into the water. But if you can do anything [for him], have pity on us and help us."

When Jesus saw a crowd running together [toward Him], He spoke sternly to the evil spirit [in the boy], saying to it, "You deaf-mute spirit, I order you to come out of this boy and to never return to him again."

And when Jesus had come into a house, His disciples asked Him privately, "Why could we not drive out the evil spirit [from that boy]?"

"An evil spirit of this kind," He answered, "can only be driven out by prayer."

John said to him, Master, we saw one driving out evil spirits in your name: and we said that he might not, because he is not one of us.

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