Leviticus 3:6-11 - Fellowship Offerings Of Sheep

6 And if his offering is out of the flock for a sacrifice of peace-offerings to Jehovah, male or female, a perfect one he doth bring near; 7 if a sheep he is bringing near for his offering, then he hath brought it near before Jehovah, 8 and hath laid his hand on the head of his offering, and hath slaughtered it before the tent of meeting, and sons of Aaron have sprinkled its blood on the altar round about. 9 And he hath brought near from the sacrifice of the peace-offerings a fire-offering to Jehovah, its fat, the whole fat tail (over-against the bone he doth turn it aside), and the fat which is covering the inwards, and all the fat which is on the inwards, 10 and the two kidneys, and the fat which is on them, which is on the flanks, and the redundance above the liver, (beside the kidneys he doth turn it aside), 11 and the priest hath made it a perfume on the altar -- bread of a fire-offering to Jehovah.