2 Chronicles 32:27-31 - Hezekiah's Wealth And Works

27 And there will be to Hezekiah riches and honor exceedingly much: and he made to him treasuries for silver and for gold, and for precious stone, and for spices and for shields, and for all vessels of desire: 28 And stores for produce of grain and new wine, and new oil, and stalls for all cattle, and cattle and flocks for the stalls. 29 And he made cities to him and possession of flocks and oxen for abundance: for God gave to him exceeding much substance.

30 And this Hezekiah stopped the going forth of the waters of Gihon the highest, and he will make them straight down from the west to the city of David. And Hezekiah will prosper in all his work. 31 Thus in the chiefs of Babel interceding, sending to him to seek out the sign which was in the land, God left him, to try him, to know all in his heart