Ecclesiastes 8:2-8 - Obedience To The King

2 I advise doing what the king says, especially regarding an oath to God. 3 Don't be in a hurry to leave him, and don't persist in evil, for he does whatever he pleases. 4 Since a king's command is powerful, who is able to challenge him, asking, "What are you doing?" 5 Whoever obeys his commands will not experience harm, and the wise in heart will discern both the appropriate time and response. 6 Indeed, there is an appropriate time and a response for every circumstance, since human misery weighs heavily upon him. 7 For he has absolutely no knowledge what will happen, since who can declare to him when it will come about? 8 Just as no human being has control over the wind to restrain it, so also no human being has control over the day of his death. Just as no one is discharged during war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it.

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