Jeremiah 23:33-40 - The Burden Of The Lord

33 'When this people, or the prophet, or a priest, shall ask you, saying, "What is the burden of the LORD?" Then you shall tell them, "You are the burden, and I will cast you off," says the LORD. 34 As for the prophet, and the priest, and the people, who shall say, "The burden of the LORD," I will even punish that man and his house. 35 You shall say everyone to his neighbor, and everyone to his brother, "What has the LORD answered?" and, "What has the LORD spoken?" 36 You shall mention the burden of the LORD no more: for every man's own word shall be his burden; for you have perverted the words of the living God, of the LORD of hosts our God. 37 You shall say to the prophet, "What has the LORD answered you?" and, "What has the LORD spoken?" 38 But if you say, "The burden of the LORD"; therefore thus says the LORD: Because you say this word, "The burden of the LORD," and I have sent to you, saying, "You shall not say, 'The burden of the LORD'"; 39 therefore, behold, I will surely lift you up and I will cast you off, and the city that I gave to you and to your fathers, away from my presence: 40 and I will bring an everlasting reproach on you, and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten.'"