Job 41:18-34 - When This Monster Sneezes

18 "His snorting releases flashes of light; his eyes are like the rays of the dawn. 19 Flames blaze from his mouth; streams of sparking fire fly out. 20 Smoke billows from his nostrils; like a boiling pot or burning reeds. 21 His breath can ignite coal; and flames proceed from his mouth. 22 "His neck is so powerful that all who meet him are terrified. 23 There is no flaw in his body's armor; it is firmly fixed on him and unbreachable. 24 His heart is as strong as stone, it is as hard as a lower millstone. 25 When he rears up, the mighty are terrified; they are bewildered as he thrashes about. 26 "Thrusting at him with a sword won't be effective, nor will spears, darts, or javelins. 27 He regards iron like straw, and hardened bronze like a dead tree. 28 Arrows won't make him flee; stones from a sling are only pebbles to him. 29 Clubs are like twigs; he laughs at the whoosh of the javelin. 30 "Beneath him he is armored as with sharp potsherds; he tears through muddy ground like a threshing sledge through grain. 31 He causes the deep to boil like water in a pot, and churns the sea like one stirs ointment. 32 The sea is luminescent behind him; his wake turns the sea white, like those with gray hair. 33 "There's nothing like him on earth; he was created without the ability to fear. 34 He looks down on everything that is high; he rules over every kind of pride."

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