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Ahi'ah, or Ahi'jah

(friend of Jehovah).

1. Son of Ahitub, grandson of Phinehas and great-grandson of Eli, succeeded his father as high priest in the reign of Saul.

1Sa 14:3,18

Ahiah is probably the same person as Ahimelech the son of Ahitub. (B.C. 980.)

2. One of Solomon's princes.

1Ki 4:3

3. A prophet of Shiloh,

1Ki 14:2

hence called the Shilonite,

1Ki 11:29

of whom we have two remarkable prophecies extant, the one in

1Ki 11:30-39

addressed to Jeroboam, announcing the rending of the ten tribes from Solomon; the other in

1Ki 14:6-16

in which he foretold the death of Abijah, the king's son, who was sick, and the destruction of Jeroboam's house on account of the images which he had set up.

1Ki 14:2-3

(B.C. about 956.)

4. Father of Baasha king of Israel.

1Ki 15:27,33

5. Son of Jerahmeel.

1Ch 2:25

6. Son of Bela.

1Ch 8:7

7. One of David's mighty men.

1Ch 11:36

8. A Levite in David's reign.

1Ch 26:20

9. One of the "heads of the people" who joined in the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:26

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