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Fountain, spelt EN in the English Sisle, in compound words, as En-rogel. It is the name of a city of Judah, afterwards assigned to Simeon, Jos 15:32; 1Ch 4:32. Also of a place in the north of Canaan, Nu 34:11.

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1. Fountain, spring, which flashes in the landscape like a gleaming eye. Distinguished from beer, a dug well (Ex 15:27), "wells," rather springs. Generally in compositions En-gedi, "fountain of kids," En-dor, "fountain of the house," etc. Plural in Joh 3:23, AEnon; like the Yorkshire Fountains Abbey. Riblah, E. of Ain (Hebrew the spring), marks the eastern boundary of Palestine (Nu 34:11). Riblah is identified as on the N. E. side of the Hermon mountains; and Ain answers to Ain el 'Azy (nine miles from Riblah, on the N.E. side), the source of the Orerites.

2. A southern city of Judah, afterward of Simeon, then assigned to the priests (Jos 15:32; 19:7; 21:16).

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1. A town in the neighbourhood of Riblah (Nu 34:11), probably the modern el-'Ain near the source of the Orontes. 2. A town in Judah (Jos 15:32), or Simeon (Jos 19:7), where Ain arid Rimmon should be taken together. It is probably Umm er-Ram

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The word ain signifies an 'eye,' or 'a fountain;' it is often used as a prefix, and signifies a fountain of living water in distinction from a well, cistern or tank. It is mostly represented by the prefix EN.

1. Ain, a fountain in the extreme north. There is a fountain still called Ain el-Asy, ten miles S.W. of the ancient Riblah. Nu 34:11.

2. One of the Levitical cities in the south. It was originally given to Judah but afterwards allotted to Simeon. Jos 15:32; 19:7; 21:16; 1Ch 4:32. In 1Ch 6:59 the margin intimates that ASHAN is the same as Ain as a Levitical city, although in 1Ch 4:32 Ain and Ashan are both mentioned.

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(spring, well).

1. One of the landmarks on the eastern boundary of Palestine.

Nu 34:11

It is probably 'Ain el-'Azy, the main source of the Orontes.

2. One of the southernmost cities of Judah,

Jos 15:32

afterwards allotted to Simeon,

Jos 19:7; 1Ch 4:32

and given to the priests.

Jos 21:16

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