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Reference: Alamoth


virgins, a musical term (1Ch 15:20), denoting that the psalm which bears this inscription (Ps 46) was to be sung by soprano or female voices.

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(Psalm 46) Title, 1Ch 15:20; i.e., after the virgin manner; a soprano key in music, like the voice of virgins. Others interpret it an instrument played on by virgins, like our old English virginal.

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Translated by the LXX, ??? ???????, and in nablis arcana cantabant, Vulg. in 1Ch 15:20; ???? ??? ??????, pro arcanis, Ps. 46: title. The meaning of the word is unknown, and this ignorance is confirmed by the efforts to translate the word in the versions. The word is supposed to be derived from 'a virgin,' and may therefore signify soprano voices.

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