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1. Zep 1:1, great-grandfather of the prophet Zephaniah, and son of a Hezekiah who may be the king. This is the only instance of the name that is certainly pre-exilic. 2. 1Ch 6:7,52, grandfather of Zadok the priest. 3. 1Ch 23:19; 24:23, a Levite in David's time. 4. 1Ch 6:11; Ezr 7:3 (Amarias, 1Es 8:2, 2Es 1:2), son of Azariah, who is said to have ministered in Solomon's temple. The lists in which 2 and 4 occur are very uncertain, and the name may refer to the same person in both. 5. 2Ch 19:11, a high priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat. 6. 2Ch 31:16, a Levite, a gate-porter, in Hezekiah's time. 7. Ne 12:2,18; 10:3, a priestly clan which returned to Jerusalem, and sealed the covenant under Nehemiah (probably the same as Immer, 1Ch 24:14; Ezr 2:37; 10:20; Ne 7:40 [Meruth, 1Es 5:24]). 8. Ezr 10:42, a Judahite, one of the sons of Bani (Ezr 10:34, cf. 1Ch 9:4) who had taken strange wives. 9. Ne 11:4, a Judahite who offered to dwell in Jerusalem. 10. Ne 12:12, where Meraiah is probably a corruption of Amariah (which is found in Syr. and Luc.).

A. H. M'Neile.

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