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A Levite, who joined David with thirty gallant men, while in the desert flying from Saul, 1Ch 6:25; 12:16-18.

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(1.) A Levite, son of Elkanah, of the ancestry of Samuel (1Ch 6:25,35).

(2.) The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold," probably of Adullam (1Ch 12:18).

(3.) One of the priests appointed to precede the ark with blowing of trumpets on its removal from the house of Obed-edom (1Ch 15:24).

(4.) The father of a Levite, one of the two Kohathites who took a prominent part at the instance of Hezekiah in the cleansing of the temple (2Ch 29:12).

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1. A Kohathite (1Ch 6:25,35); the eponym of a family (2Ch 29:12). 2. One of the priests who blew trumpets on the occasion of David's bringing the ark to Jerus. (1Ch 15:24). 3. One of David's officers at Ziklag (1Ch 12:18), possibly to be identified with Amasa, No. 1.

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1. One or more descendants of Kohath. 1Ch 6:25,35; 2Ch 29:12.

2. Chief of the captains of those who resorted to David at Ziklag. 1Ch 12:18.

3. Priest who helped to bring up the ark from the house of Obed-edom. 1Ch 15:24.

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