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rendered in the margin and the Revised Version "perfumer," in Ex 30:25; 37:29; Ec 10:1. The holy oils and ointments were prepared by priests properly qualified for this office. The feminine plural form of the Hebrew word is rendered "confectionaries" in 1Sa 8:13.

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In all the 8 occurrences of this word in OT and Apocr we should render 'perfumer,' as does RV in half of these (Ex 30:25,35; 37:29; Ec 10:1); elsewhere the former is retained (2Ch 16:14; Ne 3:8 (cf. marg.), Sir 38:8; Sir 49:1). See Perfumer.

A. R. S. Kennedy.

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This term is not used in scripture in the modern sense of a compounder of drugs for medicine; but in that of a compounder of ointments, etc., such as would now be called a 'perfumer,' as it is rendered in the margin of Ex 30:25, where the holy anointing oil is an ointment compounded "after the art of the apothecary." The same was said of the holy incense. Ex 30:35; 37:29. Asa was buried in a tomb filled with sweet odours and spices prepared by the apothecaries' art. 2Ch 16:14: cf. also Ne 3:8. Spices were also carried to the tomb of the Lord to embalm His body.

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