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1. King of Ellasar, and ally of Chedorlaomer, Ge 14:1.

2. A captain of Nebuchadnezzar's guard, Da 2:14.

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lion-like, venerable. (1.) A king of Ellasar who was confederate with Chedorlamer (Ge 14:1,9). The tablets recently discovered by Mr. Pinches (see Chaldea) show the true reading is Eri-Aku of Larsa. This Elamite name meant "servant of the moon-god." It was afterwards changed into Rimsin, "Have mercy, O moon-god." (2.) Da 2:14.

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1. King of Ellasar. (Ge 14:1,9). (See ELLASAR.)

2. Captain of Nebuchadnezzar's guard (Da 2:14).

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1. The king of Ellasar (Ge 14:1). It has been suggested by Schrader that Arioch is the transcription of Eri-a-ku, the Sumerian writing of the name Rim-Sin of the king of Larsa, son of Kudur-Mabug, an Elamite, who ruled Southern Babylonia till conquered by Hammurabi. See Chedorlaomer. 2. The captain of the king's guard in the time of Nebuchadrezzar (Da 2:14). 3. King of the Elym

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1. King of Ellasar in the East. Ge 14:1,9.

2. Captain of Nebuchadnezzar's guard. Da 2:14-15,24-25.

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1. The king of Eliasar, one of the allies of Chedorlaomer in his expedition against his rebellious tributaries.

Ge 14:1

(B.C. 1921-1912.)

2. The captain of Nebuchadnezzar's body-guard.

Da 2:14


3. Properly Eirioch, or Erioch, mentioned in Judith 1:6 as king of the Elymaeans.

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