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(Heb. o'ren, "tremulous"), mentioned only Isa 44:14 (R.V., "fir tree"). It is rendered "pine tree" both in the LXX. and Vulgate versions. There is a tree called by the Arabs aran, found still in the valleys of Arabia Petraea, whose leaf resembles that of the mountain ash. This may be the tree meant. Our ash tree is not known in Syria.

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(Isa 44:14): Hebrew oren, akin to Arabic atari, "slender", "graceful". Probably a pine; so the Septuagint and Vulgate The Latin ornus seems akin.

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The particular tree pointed out by the Hebrew word oren is not known. Isa 44:14. The LXX and the Vulgate call it 'pine.'

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(Heb. oren), only in

Isa 44:14

As the true ash is not a native of Palestine, some understand this to be a species of pine tree. Perhaps the larch (Laryx europaea) may be intended.

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