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Several kinds of bags, etc. may be distinguished. (a) The shepherd's and traveller's wallet for carrying one or more days' provisions. Like most of the other OT bags, it was made of skin, generally undressed, and was slung across the shoulder. This is the scrip of Mt 10:10 and parallels (RV 'wallet'). The former is retained by our RV (but Amer. RV 'wallet') to render a unique word, which had to be explained even to Hebrew readers by the gloss 'the shepherd's bag' (1Sa 17:40). (b) A more finished article, the leather satchel which served as a purse (Lu 10:4; 12:33 AV here bag). For illust. see Rich, Dict. of Antiq. 217. The purse of Mt 10:9; Mr 6:8, however, was merely the folds of the girdle (see Revised Version margin). (c) The merchant's bag, in which he kept his stone weights (De 25:13), also served as a purse (Pr 1:14). (d) The favourite bag for money and valuables

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