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There are four parts of the high priest's dress that are distinctly described.

1. THE COAT or tunic made of fine white linen reaching down to the feet (type of human righteousness).

2. THE ROBE, made of blue, worn over the coat, on the edge of which were alternately a bell and a pomegranate (testimony and fruit): the colour is heavenly, indicating the character of the priesthood of Christ.

3. THE EPHOD, probably shorter than the robe, and made of gold, blue, scarlet, and fine twined linen. To the shoulders of this were fastened the two stones on which were engraved the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Ephod had a GIRDLE of similar texture.

4. THE BREASTPLATE was made of the same material as the ephod. It was to be bound by its rings unto the rings of the ephod with a lace of blue that it might he above the curious girdle. Ex 28:28. In it were twelve precious stones, arranged in four rows, with three in a row, bearing the names of the twelve tribes. It was made double, and was square, being a span each way. It is called several times "the Breastplate of judgement." "Aaron shall bear the judgement of the children of Israel before the Lord continually." It is typical of Christ, who sustains His people before the Lord according to the holy judgement of God, which His own lights and perfections expressed. He bears the whole people upon his shoulders of strength and upon his heart, seen in the beauty of the gems, that is, in acceptance before God. Ex 25:7; 28:4-30; 29:5; 35:9,27; 39:8-21; Le 8:8. See EPHOD.

5. The MITRE completed the priest's dress.

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