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Reference: Chrysoprasus


The tenth of those precious stones which adorned the foundation of the heavenly Jerusalem, as seen by John the Evangelist. Its color was green, inclining to gold, as its name imports, Re 21:20.

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golden leek, a precious stone of the colour of leek's juice, a greenish-golden colour (Re 21:20).

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("gold leek".) A transparent gem, an agate of the color of the leek's juice; it owes its color to oxide of nickel. Found only in Silesia; also in antique Egyptian jewelry. The garniture of the tenth foundation of New Jerusalem (Re 21:20).

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Supposed to be a variety of Chalcedony of a green shade. Re 21:20. The word ??????????? does not occur in the LXX.

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CHRYSOPRASUS, Re 21:20, a precious stone, which Pliny classes among the beryls; the best of which, he says, are of a sea-green colour; after these he mentions the chrysoberyls, which are a little paler, inclining to golden colour; and next, a sort still paler, and by some reckoned a distinct species, and called chrysoprasus.

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