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1. DARIUS THE MEDE, son of Ahasuerus. He was probably the Astyages of the historians. Some supposed 'Darius' to be a title and not a name, but the name has been found on the monuments. On the death of Belshazzar he possessed Babylon, being about 62 years of age: B.C. 538-6. Da 5:31; 6:9-28; 9:1; 11:1. See BABYLON and DANIEL.

2. DARIUS HYSTASPIS, king of Persia: B.C. 521-485. He confirmed the decree of Cyrus in favour of the Jews, and the building of the temple. Ezr 4:5,24; 5:5-7; 6:1-15; Hag 1:1,15; 2:10; Zec 1:1,7; 7:1. To this king is ascribed the consolidating of the empire of Persia.

3. DARIUS THE PERSIAN. Darius Ochus (Nothus) of the historians, B.C. 424-405. Only mentioned in Ne 12:22. For a list of the Persian kings see PERSIA.

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