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In Ge 36:15-43, is a long list of "dukes" of Edom; but the word duke, from the Latin dux, merely signifies a leader, and not an order of nobility; and the word chief or sheikh would have been preferable in our translation, 1Ch 1:51.

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derived from the Latin dux, meaning "a leader;" Arabic, "a sheik." This word is used to denote the phylarch or chief of a tribe (Ge 36:15-43; Ex 15:15; 1Ch 1:51-54).

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The title of 'duke' in the AV has a very general meaning. It is an inheritance from the Eng. of earlier versions, in which (after Vulgate dux) 'duke' meant any leader or chief. Latimer calls Gideon a duke, and Wyclif uses this title of Christ, as in his Works (iii. 137), 'Jesus Christ, duke of oure batel.' The title of 'duke' is confined in AV to the chiefs of Edom, with the exception of Jos 13:21 'dukes of Sihon,' and 1Ma 10:65 (applied to Jonathan Maccab

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A title often given in the early genealogies, signifying head of a family or of a tribe, which were called after his name. Ge 36:15-43; 1Ch 1:51-54.

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